Welcome to Candlelight Farms.


Welcome to Candlelight Farms, where our horses are raised among the big skies and sage of Wyoming. We marry classic, athletic lines with modern colors, while always expecting kind temperaments. Our horses are built to carry you down the trail or to the ribbons in the show ring. Start out with a foal or with a trusted partner with training.

We stand a four diverse stallions—two purebred Arabians (one black and one black pinto), one purebred palomino Paint, and one blue-eyed splash pinto Welsh Mountain Pony. Learn more about our stallions here.

Interested in what we have in the sale barn? Click here to browse through our offerings.

Would you like to see what Candlelight Farms is expecting for 2022 or has produced in the past? Review our elegant fillies and handsome colts.

Finally, the heart of our farm are our carefully chosen broodmare band. Whether producing purebreds or part-bred foals, they pass along their kind temperaments and beauty. Click here to view our mares.