About Us

The journey to Candlelight Farms was a long one—starting three generations ago. Horse enthusiast, and pedigree crazy since childhood, Adrienne has devoted her entire life to horses—a passion carried in her DNA and hopefully passed onto her children.

Adrienne had just finished as the Runner Up Endurance Rookie of the Year in the Arabian Horse Association, when she was diagnosed with a condition that would require her to put aside the rigors of endurance riding. As her focus moved from endurance horses, she turned to the kind of horses meant to be enjoyed by individuals and families, whether for casual trail riding, or for competition.

As a mom herself, Adrienne recognized that the kind, curious temperament of Arabians were essential for a family horse, but that their size wasn't a perfect fit for everyone. So she expanded upon her purebred Arabian program to offer more options with half-Arabians. APHA palomino overo stallion ‘Hazard’ has added size, proven western working talent, and a chill attitude. He has produced non-stop amazing foals with great personalities and a rainbow of colors.

For the smaller family members or those who like to drive, we now offer ‘Scooby,’ a handsome chestnut plash pinto purebred Welsh Mountain Pony (section A) stallion. Scooby has his first foal due in 2022. In the future, we plan to offer Welara (Welsh/Arab crosses) for those who need larger ponies.

Every horse we produce is bred with the pros and cons of each mare and stallion in mind, and with the foremost goal to create an equine companion that will be enjoyed for decades to come. Welcome to Candlelight Farms from our horse-loving family to yours!

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Adrienne with Wonder Woman CDA as a young foal

Synful GWA bay gelding with Adrienne on his back

Adrienne being the pied piper, leading mares and foals without any halters.

Three amigos